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Everything around us is made of energy, so it's not a surprise to believe that we are also made of energy.

In actuality, our soul (our energy) is quite large – 70% of our soul is located inside of our body, but 30% is located outside of our body. The portion of the soul outside of the body, is referred to as our auric field.

We are born with our five senses, which are also the five methods that we can communicate with the spirit world… and they can communicate with us.

1. Clairsentience = “clear feeling” – the ability for a person to acquire knowledge by means of feeling

2. Clairvoyance = “clear seeing” – to have the power of seeing objects or actions, beyond the range of natural vision

3. Clairaudience = “clear hearing” – the power to perceive auditory stimuli beyond the realm of normal hearing

4. Clairalience = “clear smelling” – the ability to acquire knowledge by means of smelling

5. Clairgustance = “clear tasting” – the ability to taste a substance without putting anything in one’s mouth

6. Claircognizance = “clear knowing” – the ability for a person to acquire knowledge, without knowing how or why they knew it

The spirit world is also made of energy, and is always around us. To access spirits, all we have to do is “tune into” their frequency.


If we turn the dial of a radio on, we instantly access music through the wavelengths that the frequency is traveling on.

Once we turn the radio off, that music is still playing as it’s still being transmitted through those frequencies. We don’t see the music being transmitted, but once we hear the music then we believe that it is there.

The same applies to the spirit world. They are constantly around us, and broadcasting on certain wavelengths. We are unaware though, because we aren’t tuning into their channel. We don’t see them, so we automatically assume that they’re not there. Once we do make contact with them – tune into their frequency – then we believe that the spirits do live on after death.

There are many ways that we as humans are communicating with spirits, yet we just aren’t aware. Through our five senses, spirits have and continue to communicate with us lovingly.



Most of our lives we will receive a certain “gut feeling” about something.

 We may be someplace and the hairs on our neck stand, giving us a certain feeling that something’s not right or unsafe. We may refer to this as our “sixth sense”, when in fact it’s the spirits guiding us through our clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing).

Many of us have experienced being alone in our home or car, and hearing our name being called out softly from a distance. We look around to realize that we are alone, and brush it off as our imagination hearing things. Once again, the spirits are communicating through our clairaudience (hearing).

Sometimes our dreams are so vivid, that we are able to notice the smallest details on people or the surroundings. Our clairvoyance (seeing), is being manifested during those dreams.

When someone walks up behind you, you are able to feel their presence without turning around. What you are feeling – albeit on a subtle level – is their auric field coming closer to yours. Again, because everything is energy, we are able to differentiate the energies around us. Which also explains why we feel a certain stronger resonance with some than with others.

We are able to feel spirits. At times when we’re alone, we can have a strong sense that there’s someone in the room – yet there’s nobody there. Again, we brush this off as an overactive imagination… but energy is energy, and what you’re feeling is actually spirit.

Because we can’t see spirit so easily, and our brain fears the unknown, many people close down the possibility of the spirit world. The thought that spirits can exist and can actually be that close in proximity to us, actually frightens many. Hollywood has made a fortune off of that fear.

There is nothing to fear though. Spirits live in love, and love is what they bring to us. Many spirits you will encounter are your loved ones who have passed away. They come through with inspiration, guidance and love – and to assure you that you are never alone.

All of the services that are provided through this site, are assisted through the spirit world and come only from a place of love. All you need to do, is not be afraid and trust.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do!

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"Niko is sincere and has integrity in his work for spirit. His enthusiasm and genuine desire to help people is inherent within him. Throughout the time I've known him, I have witnessed his willingness to serve the spirit world with humility, utmost empathy and compassion. His desire is always to achieve the very best to help and support people in both worlds."


"You are in good hands with Niko! I've had the pleasure of receiving a trance reading that was highly evidential, inspirational and insightful. He's a gifted psychic and trance medium with an uncanny ability to see, hear and sense loved ones in spirit in order to bring forth evidential messages of hope and healing. His talents are highly dynamic as he works in multiple modalities and excels in them all. I highly recommend any of the services that he offers."


"I've had the pleasure of working with Niko a few times over the past few months, and he's amazing! The spirits come to this man quickly and adoringly as he has such a good, pure heart. His Trance Mediumship is beautiful to watch & listen to. You actually feel the energy of the spirits with him. I highly recommend you have a session with him. With some mediums you just click. Niko is one of those you can relate to."

Minister Simone Key


Ann Macoul

Rome, Italy

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Ontario, Canada

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