About Me

The journey of Niko the medium


When we are born, we are still connected to the realm of spirit - where we came from.

I'm certain that many of you have noticed babies looking in awe at the energy around you. You may have also experienced a toddler talking to that imaginary friend, when they are playing alone. Young children are still innocent, and their connection to spirit is still very pure. As a young boy playing alone in my room, I experienced three angels manifesting before my eyes. Of course, this frightened me and I called for my mother. I was still able to feel the presence of spirit, yet I wasn't able to see them again. Nor did I fully understand what it was that I was feeling. Most of my life I feared that feeling, and I was easily spooked each time that feeling of spirit was strong. Yet, that feeling of spirit remained a constant throughout my life. As I grew older, I became accustomed to it, and my fear of it grew less. I was still unsure as to what it was, but I just knew deep inside that it was safe. I became aware of subtle signs around me, and began to believe that there was more to life than what we experience as humans. I had lost my cousin at the age of 19, yet continued - and still continue - to feel his presence around me. My cousin in the spirit world was very instrumental in my spiritual growth. The clear signs, messages and feelings that I received through him, provided me the desire to seek knowledge.


Growing up in a Greek Orthodox family who were quite religious, caused me much confusion as to what I was taught and what I was actually experiencing.

It wasn't until I visited New Mexico and met a lady by the name of Morgan, that I was able to realize firsthand that what I had been feeling all of my life was in fact spirits. I had what they refer to as a “spiritual awakening”, and my eyes were opened to a whole new world.
For the next decade, I experienced life in New York. Hectic and unpredictable. Drugs and alcohol, and associating myself with the wrong friends. Even though I was able to balance and handle that life, it was not a positive environment to deal with the spirit world. So I shut it all down. At one point I even got spooked, by of all things… that feeling of spirit that I felt my entire life. I suppose that I became a product of my environment, and believed all the naysayers - even my own family.
After another decade or so passed and my unhappiness increased, I knew a move was imminent. A strong pull to move to a Greek island, where my ancestry originated, seemed to grow stronger in my thoughts… until that was all I could think of.
Once that move occured, I felt an undeniable feeling that I was “home”. It wasn't until after a year passed, that the feeling of spirit became stronger than ever. Possibly due to the fact that I wasn't living that hectic life in New York, or maybe because I was in a safe environment - whatever the reason, this time I wasn't afraid anymore. I embraced what I was feeling, and trusted more than I ever had… and that feeling, that connection to spirit just grew stronger. Once we truly open ourselves to the world of spirit, incredible coincidences occur. That precise encounter with someone who alters the course of your life; that specific book which “falls into your lap”; that article you read online… it's as if each coincidence is a piece of a puzzle. That was how my spiritual evoultion began. I learned to trust in spirit, and to surrender to them without any fears at all… and in return I have experienced love unmeasured on Earth. I believe that there are no evil spirits, only spirits of love who come to provide comfort and support. I've learned that many on Earth will eventually also be receptive to the spirit world. They won't fear the unknown, and they'll just know what they're experiencing is true love from a higher source. I hope my honesty and examples will at least prove beneficial to you, to at least not fear the spirit world. To accept that they are in fact around us, and provide a safe and loving energy.

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