Services Offered


Evidential Mediumship

Many lose loved ones, and deal with a difficult grieving process. Some may even question what happens to those loved ones they lost. With evidential mediumship, we are able to connect with those wonderful souls. They are more than willing to come through and bring healing, to the ones left on Earth who are suffering. Those souls come with guidance, wisdom and love. Most importantly, they want those grieving to know that their souls still live on. Often times, the spirit will be strong and loving, and the connection to the person in front of me will be so powerful that the spirit will speak through me. This is referred to as Trance Evidential. This method is enjoyable for all - the spirit who needs a voice, the sitter who is actually communicating with that spirit… and for me, for I'm able to feel their wonderful energy even more so.
50 minutes = 50 euros


What Our Clients Say

I am a vehicle for the spirit world. I am their voice. I treat that honor with respect, and in return they come with pure love. It is a remarkable connection, and I am truly humbled to be of service to their world.

"I had the privilege of experiencing a reading with Niko. I received messages and insights that were both incredibly accurate and deeply meaningful to me. Niko is a compassionate and gifted soul, and I am immensely grateful for the experience and look forward to seeking their guidance again in the future."
London, U.K.
"I have had a couple of beautiful readings from Niko, bringing through evidence of life eternal. Niko has a warm and friendly approach when connecting with the spirit world for you and will endeavour to bring through your loved ones, with beautiful messages of love, laughter and memories. I recommend connecting with Niko, for a reading, to witness this for yourselves. Thank you Niko."
"This was my first time seeing a medium, so I didn't know what to expect. However, Niko spent a lot of time explaining his process, his journey and the many possibilities. He created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and open to the experience. Niko's intuition, calming demeanor, love and kindness was magical. I was able to connect to three important people in my life (two who recently passed and one of whom I had never met but was an important mother figure), and they were able to relay extremely important and powerful messages that left me feeling at peace and empowered to take the next steps in my life. The experience was incredible and so enlightening. Overall, it was a surreal experience and I'm recommending Niko to many of my friends and family who are open to encounters with the spirit world. It was a life altering experience that I highly recommend with Niko! Thank you and I will be seeing you again very soon!"
Los Angeles, California

Trance Speaking mediumship

This form of mediumship is my favorite. This is where my connection to spirit is at its strongest. Where my energy, as well as spirit’s blend in harmony and join as one. Enabling spirit to use my vocal chords, and speak directly to the person in front of me.

Since my spirit “team” is made up of many, any spirit can be the one coming through. Their words of wisdom, encouragement and love is always what the person needs at that particular time of their life.

Certain times, I am able to have a spirit guide of the person in front of me, come through and speak.

There really is no way of knowing which spirit will come through… and that’s the beauty of it. I just trust and surrender to spirit, and enjoy the ride.

75 minutes = 75 euros

Past Life Regression

Most people live their lives with certain blocks, or phobias. Most of the time, they are unaware of this and often wonder why they seem to always have difficulties in certain parts of their lives. Maybe they keep having failed relationships. Maybe they have a certain fear of something, which prevents them from succeeding at something. Maybe they feel a certain positive connection to someone… or a very negative connection to someone; even possibly their own family member.

We all have had past lives, some more than others. Living a physical life is a magnificent way for your soul to learn lessons. Which is why we reincarnate into different lives, at different times.

Sometimes though, we don’t get the chance to resolve certain issues in a previous life and carry that memory into a current life. This can be one reason as to why people deal with difficulties in certain aspects of their lives – they’re reliving trauma from a past life.

During a past-life regression session, I assist you to travel back into one of your previous lives. That is where we will find that “missing piece of the puzzle”, to help understand why there are certain blockages in your current life.

There is nothing to fear, as these past lives have already happened. We are just exploring the past, to make sense of the present.

90 minutes = 120 euros

Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki (Universal Life Force) teaches us that we are more than just our physical bodies, and that Reiki surrounds us in an energy body. Reiki energy connects on our spiritual and energetic levels.

Energy is not limited by distance, so distant Reiki is possible. A client does not have to be physically present. We are all connected.

You don’t have to be suffering from any particular illness to receive Reiki healing. A session can help keep the energy channels open, as well as decrease the likelihood of an illness.

To receive distant Reiki, you don’t have to prepare for it. All that is required is to be in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and be relaxed. The energy transmissions in a remote session, are just as strong as if they were being delivered in person.

45 minutes / distant reiki = 50 euros
45 minutes / in-person reiki = 65 euros

Psychic Readings

From a child to adulthood, our soul is learning lessons. The important lessons – the lessons both good and bad, are imprinted on our auric fields. Since the auric field is our soul, these memories are “stamped” within the auric field to ensure that they are taken with us when we go to the next realm.

A psychic tunes into a person’s auric field, and finds those imprinted events. Then with the assistance of spirit, we are able to elaborate on each event… as the feelings of those moments are also stamped.

A psychic reading can reveal to you traumatic or happy events from your past, your present and even part of your future.

45 minutes = 50 euros

Angel Oracle card readings / Tarot card readings

People are curious as to the state of their current life, as well as their own future. Once I focus in on your energy, I then tune-in to my own spirit team for guidance.

Here I offer – either through my Angel Oracle cards or Tarot cards (whichever the spirits are guiding me to) – a 6 card reading.

Each question is to be answered through each of the five cards being drawn. Spirit will lead us along the way.

Question #1 – Your current situation
Question #2 – The challenge or obstacle you’re facing
Question #3 – The past influences that are affecting your current situation
Question #4 – The guidance or advice the cards are offering you
Question #5 – The probable outcome if you follow the advice given
Question #6 – An alternate outcome or something to consider

Question #1 – Past
Question #2 – Present
Question #3 – Future
Question #4 – What needs to be left in the past
Question #5 – How to enhance the present
Question #6 – How to move forward to the best possible future

We can follow either one of these two examples, or we can custom design our own questions.

Either way, Spirit will lead our path

45 minutes = 50 euros