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"My experience with Nikos as a psychic and medium were extremely therapeutic and impressive. Nikos is a charismatic person with empathy, and a strong feeling of helping every soul. Whatever torments you, with Niko's help you are relieved. I would do it again, and I recommend him without reservation. Niko, thank you for everything."
"I had an excellent reading fom Niko. He brought through the true essence of my loved one, while providing specific details that took me down memory lane. It was a lovely experience."
Crystal Page
North Carolina, U.S.A.
"I had such a loving and great time of connection in my experience with Nikothemedium. The encouragement and lifting of my spirit I received from my reading will stay with me forever, and I am so grateful for our time. The energy exchange and validation from my loved ones created such a lovely space for love to be exchanged. Thank you Niko! I look forward to our next one!"
Nashville, T.N.
"I have had several readings from Niko, he is phenomenal. One time he shared a gift I had received in my childhood from a loved one who has passed - a very lovely Holly Hobby doll, that I still have cherished in my adulthood. Another time he brought in the essence of my stepfather, who had passed recently. He was very humorous and he cracked me up with several jokes throughout the reading, that only John would've said. Such as if you're going to upgrade your partner, you should think about upgrading your car! You should see him in trance, where he receives pure messages from spirit to sitter."
Katie J.
Florida, U.S.A.
"Niko is a wonderful Medium. He can bring evidence of the afterlife with love and compassion. I was able to speak with my loved ones through him being in the trance state, and that was an amazing experience. I highly recommend him."
"Finding an excellent medium like Niko was an extraordinary and transformative experience. From the moment our session began, it became abundantly clear that Niko possessed an extraordinary gift. His deep connection to the spiritual realm was nothing short of awe-inspiring. During each of our sessions, Niko conveyed messages from my loved ones who had crossed over with such precision, detail, and profound love that it left me speechless. He revealed information that only my departed family members could have known, bringing tears of joy and healing to my heart. If you seek a medium who is not only remarkably gifted but also deeply compassionate and dedicated to your spiritual growth, Niko is the one. His extraordinary abilities have brought light, comfort, and hope into my life, and I am forever grateful for his incredible talent and profound impact he has had on my journey."
Marcia Weiser
Florida, U.S.A.
"My son and I were seen by Niko for two different kinds of individual readings. The reading I received was astoundingly accurate. Niko identified specific details about people who had come through from my past, and generously offered their heartfelt messages. I was touched by what I was able to receive, and it was just what I needed to support my life in the present and going forward. Niko's gift is an amazing sacred tool, that can transform your life by connecting it to a wider context and purpose."
Diane Cole
Vancouver, WA - U.S.A.
"Niko offers excellent mediumship readings! His reading style is very direct and thorough, and he communicates in such an engaging and compassionate manner. I always enjoy getting readings from Niko because I know they will be genuine and heart-centered"
California, U.S.A.
"Every time I have had the good fortune and the pleasure of listening to the life-changing guidance of Niko, I can't help but think how genuinely sincere and engagingly inspiring his thoughts on mediumship actually are... with his strong and natural mediumship link to spirit."